The Web offers unprecedented potential for connecting with constituencies the world over. Successful marketing on the Web demands a deep understanding of its uniqueness and the three primary capabilities that it alone can offer:

Community. The Web is the first channel that allows people of common interest to build virtual communities spanning economic, cultural, and geographic divides, facilitating global interaction on a person-to-person basis.

Convenience. The Web provides an unprecedented level of convenience for consumers. It combines the informational value of a communications medium with the transactional capabilities of a sales counter, offering easy access to goods and services via any Web-enabled computer…anytime, anywhere.

Communications. The Web offers an option-rich, non-intrusive means of building relationships with your customers. Because it is an interactive channel, it also gives the right consumers the power to come to you…if you give them the opportunity.

Making these opportunities work to your advantage is our PRIMARY business.
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